Daniel Laroque Talks CIS and All Things XANGO

11 Oct

Daniel Laroque Talks CIS and All Things XANGO

Daniel Laroque, currently president of XANGO Europe, CIS, South Africa & Oceania, signed up with the firm in 2009. He played a hugely important role in the expansion of the XANGO name into the CIS. Mr. Laroque, whom those that are close to call Dany, has close to 2 decades of MLM experience.
He reached an apogee in 1994, having succeeded in his initial field of executive management in Europe, and decided it was time to start passing on some of the professional know-how he had gleaned onto others, aiming to enhance and empower others through the power of Direct Selling.
OBTAINER recently had the opportunity to catch up with Daniel and ask him a few questions.

1. To begin, please tell us a little bit about how you became involved with the CIS market. Why was this market of interest to you?


I have always liked to be a pioneer and to overcome challenges. About 20 years ago, when a friend talked to me about potential business in Russia first, then in CIS, I felt very excited. I had no idea about those countries, I didn’t speak the language, and I am still not speaking it, but I understood that I had to explore this part of the world. France and Russia have always been linked together in the history with a great respect, and it was fascinating to me to work with this huge country, where people have the burning desire to change their lives and to succeed.
2. In your role as President of XANGO EU, CIS, Africa & Oceania how have you helped develop and grow the XANGO business in CIS? 
First of all, I am working in the CIS countries for many years, and I created wonderful relationships and partnering with many people. Of course, with our XANGO leaders, who are the key people in our business, and who know how much I truly love them. But as well with corporate Russian people, as in order to grow a business in a country, you need to have a staff of professional people, in which you are confident. My role was and is to support the leaders and provide them the tools they need to guarantee their business, to define best strategies and promotions together with the XANGO founders in order to create, maintain and develop a substantial growth.
3. What differences are there between the market in CIS and the market in Europe?
I feel comfortable and confident with all the XANGO distributors worldwide, and I know how each market can be powerful, even when, sometimes, we may have a feeling that some markets are better than others. Of course, the CIS region is huge, and there are plenty of opportunities that have not yet been developed there.  What I noticed in CIS is a high potential of concentration and commitment to success, and a strong dedication to learn and to become professionals. People are really coachable, strong, humble and flexible… best qualities that bring you to the best achievements. But I have to say that you find the same people everywhere!


4. XANGO is fast approaching its third year in the CIS market. How has the XANGO business grown in this region? Are sales from the region still strong? What is the general feeling in the market towards the XANGO business?
The XANGO business in the CIS market is flourishing. Growth trends for 2012 are strong, and will include new product launches of Juni personal care line, Glimpse Luminescence line, and Favao.
XANGO’s partners currently have 11 different distribution centers allowing for product pickups in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and even Mongolia. The CIS market was also the first market to offer an electronic wallet payment option.
For two years straight now a Russian designer at the Russian Fashion Week in September / October each fall has featured XANGO products. Several distributor magazines in the CIS have also highlighted celebrity spokespersons who are pictured with XANGO juice.
The CIS market is thriving and growing from strength to strength each and every day.


5. How is the Direct Selling industry perceived by the general public in CIS?
A lot of powerful and respectful Direct Selling companies are operating in CIS, and getting success by creating successful distributors. Some are unethical, and can give a bad image to the industry. Some leaders or individuals see an unlimited potential of making money by creating a company, and generally, there is a sad end, with bankruptcy.At XANGO, we are all committed to respect our distributors by providing them the best tools, the best products and the best support, and committed to respect the rules and to take responsibility when mistakes are made. Direct Selling industry is for me, a solution to offer to individuals as we are into an international crisis.


6. What are your goals for the XANGO business in CIS in the near future?
We have so many great news for XANGO worldwide, and for the CIS in the next future… a tour in CIS will be done in September, and I will go with Beverly Hollister and Kent Wood, in several cities in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, as we are launching the FAVAO range. We have already some distributors volunteers to be on FAVAO before the launch, and the results are awesome. This will create a massive growth, for sure! Then, we will meet in Phuket, with the key leaders of CIS, on November, for the 10th anniversary of XANGO, and we are preparing some great time to spend together, and we will define also some strategies…CIS number 1? Yes, we can…

Mr. Laroque ascribes his success to his simple but effective ethos; that any success, big or small, must be shared with others and celebrated. He has a wide skill-set that combines years of cumulative expertise in such varied fields as international marketing, promotions, finance, logistics and executive management, and this enables him to effectively pilot a substantial slice of the global XANGO portfolio.


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